While flowers are the obvious choice for Mother’s Day, books also make great gifts to show your appreciation for Mom. Whether she is a fan of nonfiction, literary fiction, or poetry, Mom will enjoy the thoughtful gift of the written word. Here are three books to share with Mom on Mother’s Day.

The Icon Hunter by Tasoula Georgiou Hadjitofi is a powerful memoir, in which the author reveals her perilous journey orchestrating “The Munich Case” — one of the largest European art trafficking stings since World War II. With the Bavarian police in place, the Cypriots on their way, seventy under-cover agents bust into the Munich apartment of a notorious Turkish smuggler suspected of holding looted antiquities. Tasoula places everything on the line to repatriate her country’s sacred treasures. The story is torn from the pages of Tasoula’s life as she and her Greek Cypriot family lose everything during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

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